Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mom's day to all my Mommy readers out there!

Friday when Deidra got out of school she gave me a flower that she had planted in a terra cotta pot and she tied a purple ribbon around the top. It was a purple petunia. They also printed a little card out that they put in an envelope and glued onto a popsicle stick and stuck it into the dirt. It was adorable and it brought tears to my eyes when she gave it to me.

Saturday, was a nice day and Andy pampered me a bit while we watched tv with rubbing my feet and my shoulders and we ate some chocolate chip cannoli and drank some red wine together. He was very attentive and I loved every minute of it.

I woke up this morning and Andy said something about "you can only find your gift under your buns and that's all I'm going to say." I got up and went looking under the hot dog buns, the bread, finding nothing I was lost. He told me to go sit down at the kitchen table. I did and I still had a look of confusion on my face. He said "now think about what I just told you." I thought to feel under my chair and found an envelope taped to the bottom. I pulled it out and found "Mission Relaxable." I opened it up and he wrote a very neat letter about how I was being sent on a mission to a certain address and how that address was also known as the One Fine Day spa. I was going to have 4 hours to complete "The Experience." I was going to get:

a One hour Swedish massage,
Dermalogica Skin Care Treatment,
Citrus Pedicure,
traditional Manicure with Paraffin,
and catered lunch.

He's going to take a day off of work so that I can go while he watches over the kidlets. He also told me that if anyone of our party got lost, he was going to keep my mission top secret. I'll have to share what he wrote as he put some thought into it. But, this Momma cannot wait to go on her mission! THis is the best gift I think he's ever gotten me...well besides my wedding rings!

Otherwise, Deidra and I went to church this morning. My Mom came over to give me a little gift that she got me (a little Mommy ceramic box)and we chatted for awhile. Then, we headed out to go to Taste of Addison and then we stopped at a Goodwill that we ran into on the way home. Then, we came back to our hometown and went to Marble Slab for ice cream. Now, I have to go help Little J put her clothes away the proper way and get the kids in the tub and put to bed.



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