Monday, May 26, 2008

Grrr! Updated

We went back to Wal-mart to get Deidra's friend her birthday present and Andy wanted to go look at the hard drives as well. Well, the hard drives are over near the photo section and we ran into Lionel who was the one that was adamant that we were not going to get a copy of that picture. Little J happened to be with us and Andy being as outspoken as he is, says to him..."this is the little girl that you won't let have her baby picture, why don't you explain to her why that is?" Lionel says "I'm just doing my job." Andy says again "well, why don't you explain to HER why she can't have her baby picture." Lionel says "nope, I'm not doing that" and books it behind the photo desk. At this point I said to him as he was walking away "what, you're just doing your job, but you're going to take the cowards way out of enforcing it." There were a ton of people waiting at the photo kiosk printing pictures away and nobody was around policing Andy says as we're leaving "what? you're not policing all these people?" I told Andy that I understand their rules, but we actually looked up copyright info and since it was just that one picture we were trying to get and she did need it for school purposes that was an allowable thing to reprint. Anyway, part of me wanted to take another picture and go up there and try to use the photo printer and see if they'd tell me that they needed to see that one before they were going to let me buy it. All this over a 20 cent photo. The other part of me wanted to be evil and take the picture in question and go up there and use up all their photo paper making copies of it and leave. Andy and I were laughing about it. Of course, we won't do it. But, I'm tempted to go in there with another picture and get a copy of it and see what they do. I'm sure Lionel will recognize us again and make sure that we don't get out of there before he has our picture checked. Andy wants to boycott Wal-mart after that incident. I told him that I'm not boycotting them as a whole store and we rarely use their photo studio unless we need to make copies of our digital prints for one of the birthmoms of our foster children or Deidra needs a picture for something at school.

I don't know has got me thinking. We're foster parents, what happens if we go through with adopting one (some) and we're after baby pictures and the birthparents let us copy them so that the child has them for later...they're not entitled to their newborn pic from the hospital or the professional pictures they had taken if there are any? Everybody has a normal curiosity about what they looked like as a baby and as they grew up and if we're fostering obviously there's a missing gap to when we got them and when they were born on some of them. I understand laws are laws, but I think if you're just after one copy of that one photo that should be allowed. Obviously, the birth parents are going to want their photos back and the foster/adoptive parents are going to want a copy too.

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