Saturday, May 31, 2008

Deidra, the Big Sister

Deidra just dotes on Baby J. She is too adorable with him and he just adores her as well. After Little J and Baby D left yesterday, Deidra wanted to go to the park. Baby J still wasn't feeling 100%, but I figured it would get us out and help me try to focus on something else for awhile. I took him up to change him and Deidra said "Mom, you go get his clothes and I'll change his diaper." She had never changed a diaper before, so I asked her if she knew how. She says "Mooommm, I'll do it, I just don't want you to watch me." (She gets that from me, I don't like people watching me do somethign for the first time either...I get embarrassed..) So, I go get his clothes and I come back and she had the diaper on the right way, but she noticed he had diaper rash and put his cream on him too. I was so impressed. She really is good with him.

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