Saturday, June 07, 2008

What a day!

We went garage saling for ebay this morning. We went to the arts & crafts fair at the park. I wanted some homemade soaps, but I wound up taking their business card instead as neither one of us had personal cash on was only business cash that we had. So, then we came home and finally cleaned up the garage. Now, there's a bunch of totes we need to go through. I have freecycled so many things today...Andy's synthesizer (sound cards and stands too), guitar amps, our upright carpet cleaner, our handheld carpet cleaner, 2 end tables, my massage chair, my foot bath spa, some candle holders that hold votives, Deidra's easy bake oven, 2 cat carriers, 2 box fans, and 3 garbage bags full of clothes. It feels good to give this stuff to people who need it.

Now, we're off to Dickies BBQ from some loaded baked potatoes with barbeque on top. Then, it's back to organizing we go.

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