Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shopping, Shopping, and MORE shopping!

Last night, I took Deidra to dinner at Applebee's and then we went to Wal-mart to get her school supplies. $59 later, we left with just 2 things we couldn't find that we found that they were out of...manilla paper and construction paper. I'll have to see if I can go to Office Max or Depot whatever it is and see if they have them. She goes on Thursday to drop off her school supplies and meet her teacher.

Then...Man, oh, man have we been running around today. We got up and out the door about 10 and we just got back now (just about 5 pm). We ran to Arlington to go to Babies 'R Us to buy yet another crib mattress (we now are the owners of 3)and more mattress protectors. Then, we went to lunch at Q'Doba (you wouldn't believe the stares that we got because we had 5 kids with us...I just smile as they look and make comments). The girls all polished off their cheese quesadillas and tortilla chips. Then, we came home to drop off the mattress and then we went up to Wal-mart to do some clothes shopping for Little E, Baby T, and Baby J and Deidra found a couple shirts and a pair of jeans that she wanted for school. Then, we ran to JC Penney's and picked up a few more shirts for her. We just got home and I sent Andy back out as we forgot to go to Home Depot to get blinds for the girls' room when we were out.

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