Friday, August 15, 2008

My sweet little girl...

Deidra was helping me do some cleaning and so forth yesterday and she was helping to keep the girls occupied off and on while I did some things with the other kids. I kept telling her she didn't have to, but she insisted that she wanted to help. When I put the younger ones down for a nap, it was just Deidra, Little E, and I that were up. Little E went to play in the play room and I sat down to check some email from my caseworker. Deidra went in the kitchen to get a snack and she came out with a glass of diet coke for me. She said "here, Mommy, you've been taking care of us all day, I thought someone needed to help take care of you." My jaw could have hit the floor and I instantly got teary eyed. I just hugged her. What a sweet daughter I have!

However, she did inform my Mom last night that she didn't want kids of her own one day. I asked her why and she said "Mom, they are SO much work." lol Last week she wanted 2 kids and that was it. So, I guess time will tell!

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