Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We said good-bye to Little A today!

Today has been a whirlwind. I took Baby L to the doctor for his 9-month well baby check today (failure to thrive diagnosis has been lifted..YEAH...he is up to 17 1/2 lbs now...he gained 3 1/2 lbs in the 7 weeks we've had him) and then we were told that Little A and Baby L were being moved today at 1pm to the friend of Mom's. Noon came and the attorney called and said that they just finished up with court and there were a couple of changes that she needed to make me aware of. I guess Mom went to the bathroom in court and came back saying her water broke so they had to take her to the hospital. The friend of MOm's went with her to the hospital, so they couldn't move the kids until they knew more. I guess she lost one of the twins last week but they didn't want Little A to find out yet. Also, I guess Dad has a chance of getting Baby L again after someone testified on his behalf and so he just has to work a few in-home services. They weren't 100% sure of where they wanted to place Baby L though and so they thought it was best if he stayed here with us for the couple days that they needed to get things figured out. So, the attorney came over and talked with Little A to tell her that she probably wouldn't be moving until Friday. She took the news well. She didn't seem upset or anything. About 15 minutes later, the CPS worker called and said that Mom's friend was back home from the hospital and so they were going to go ahead and move Little A after all today. We had a little going away party for her at McDonald's today and we took pictures and gave hugs and said our good-byes. She was a little disappointed when she found out that Baby L wasn't going with her. She asked the CPS worker where he was going and the worker said he was going to his Dad's in a few days. So, we still have Baby L here with us until Friday or next Monday. He's such a sweet baby too. So, todays been a bit bittersweet. Deidra's been wondering why she can't have brothers and sisters that just stay like everyone else, but I told her that God brings the people into our lives that are meant to it's all in His plan. She seemed to take that ok. I think the good-byes are hard on all of us in our own ways. We gave our cell phone numbers to Little A and told her that she was more than welcome to call us if she wanted to. She was excited that we gave it to her along with some pictures from her stay here. I was disappointed that I didn't have time to make her a scrapbook, but at least I got to send her with pictures.

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