Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's my birthday...

Andy had to run to the store last night for more dishtabs and he came home with 1/2 a dozen red roses as an early birthday present. They are pretty! He put them in a vase on the stove for me. This morning I woke up and Emma gave me my birthday cards from them and from Daddy. They were both really nice. But, I started throwing a pity party for myself. I know he's really not the gift giving type, but I set myself up every year that maybe he'll get me something and I know better. Anyway, I tried to be honest with him about it and wound up upsetting him a bit too. I watched my Joyce Meyer and afterwards I told myself that it was my choice on how to act today and that I had plenty to be grateful for. My husband may not be the gift giving type, but he loves me and he is faithful to me and for that I will be happy with. I chose to rejoice in the day and spend time listening to God and looking at the gifts that He has blessed me with. I went and deposited my birthday money that I got from my Dad and Andy's Dad and told Andy that my gift to myself was making another payment to my anesthesiologists bill from Melina's birth to be one step closer to having her birth paid off. So, today, I will spend with my children that God has blessed me with and I will be grateful for His gifts. He is speaking to me a lot today. I spent some quiet time in bed this morning asking what gift God had given me in life and as plain as day I heard "compassion." I asked him to reveal to me what my "talent" is and now I just need to be quiet and "listen" to what He reveals. And listening to the Christian station this morning, I felt in my gut that His birthday song to me this morning was this:

this song makes me tear up...I am beautiful in God's eyes! Thank You so much, Abba, for creating ME. :-) And give my Mommy up there in Heaven with you a hug from me and tell her that I love her and thank you for having me! :-)

I'm sorry for my poor mood this morning and I will delight in this day and all the blessings that I have been given and the people that love me. I don't need material gifts to know that I am loved. I am grateful for all that I have. :-)



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