Monday, September 13, 2010

Tracie's 4 today!

Tracie turns 4 today! She wanted a pony party. So, ponies galore she got! She got about 4 individual My Little Ponies, 2 My Little Pony is a car with a Mommy pony and a baby pony...Grandpa D got her another little set of My Little Ponies, Grandma H got her a coloring set, and Grandma D got her a Fur Real polar bear that she just loves. She sings Rock-a-Bye baby to it and does everything that I do to Melina back to her bear. She is just too cute! Deidra got her a couple of books and Grandpa H sent her some money. And we got her a unicorn pillow pet as well, which she promptly took upstairs to her bed. Of course, her birthday cake was My Little Pony as well. She told me all day long thank you for her birthday and how much she loved her presents and her cake. She was so excited too that so many people told her happy birthday. She grinned from ear-to-ear all day long! Happy birthday my little sweet girl!

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