Monday, October 04, 2010

The honeymoon at school for Josiah is officially over...

on one hand it makes me understand that he's not just behaving this way for me, on the other hand it makes me really wonder why I can't seem to get through to him that agression is not ok. His teacher met me at the car on Tuesday and told me what was going on and that he's been in school long enough to understand the rules and what is and isn't ok to do, but he's choosing to make the wrong choices. We talked about how he's the same way at home and that we were having some of the same issues, she said that he even went so far to pull another child's pants down. He gets angry, he's scratching their faces, kicking them in the face and head, pushing them down because they won't move, hitting them because they won't talk to him, not respecting others when they tell him to "stop." He's chasing them to try and make them do certain things that he wants them to do. Every day last week he came home with a bad behavior mark for some agressive behavior. And now, he's trying to see what he can get away with with hurting the baby. He got mad at Tracie one day because I told him to give something back to her and he happened to be standing near the baby and the next thing I knew he kicked the baby in the head. He's also trying to pinch her. He was not this agressive until he started Pre-k. And he got mad at Tracie the other day because she wanted a turn with a toy and just because she asked him for it, he decided to totally sock her in the head with it. He pushed a little girl into a pole at school and gave her a huge knot on her head.

I let the first behavior mark for the week off the hook, because I understand that everybody has a bad day. When it happened again on Tuesday and the teacher talked to me about it, he came home and got a time out. When it happened again on Wednesday, he got a time out and he got sent to bed early. When it happened on Thursday, he got a time out, missed dessert at dinner, and got sent to bed early. They didn't have school on Friday, but his teacher told me that he'd be missing ALL of his recess time on Monday (today). I just don't know why he's acting like this.

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