Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Attachment Focused Parenting Day 16

8:05 am Josiah wouldn't stop running his car on the entertainment center after I asked him to do it on the floor instead so he didn't scratch the wood

8:35 am Josiah climbing up cupboards and countertops while I brought Melina upstairs for her morning nap

3:45 pm Deidra, Josiah, Tracie will get ice cream after dinner for great days at school. Emily will miss out for bad behavior for the substitute teacher after computer time.

4:10 pm Josiah and Tracie running in the house after being asked to stop

4:20 pm Josiah and Tracie running in the house. Josiah did wind up getting 1 swat before his time-in for not coming to me when I told him to.

4:40 pm Josiah and Tracie someone knocked my pictures down in the playroom and wanted to blame the other person for who did it. We sat in time-in for 8 minutes before Tracie finally told me that she did it. I knew from her tears that she was the guilty party, but she still wanted to keep saying that Josiah did it. She had to apologize to Josiah for lying and getting him in trouble and then she had to sit and talk with me about the fact that she's not going to get in trouble if she does something accidentally and needs help to fix it. But, she is going to get in trouble for lying or trying to get her siblings in trouble for something that she did. She apologized.

5:10 pm Josiah shut the bathroom door on Emily when she was trying to come out of the bathroom and shut her hand in the door

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