Friday, June 17, 2011

Finally got some news...

My Mother-in-law finally got approval on her short-sale on her condo. Her last day in her house is going to be July 20. I'm just praying now Abba that Geoff is able to help her move here. I really don't want Andy to have to keep taking off of work as we really would like to take a vacation this year and bring the kids to Disney. I know that probably sounds selfish in a way and we'll go help her if we need to, but we really need to get away as a family too. I'm just glad that we know when she is coming now, as that was some news that we had been waiting a long time on. Now to get the house ready for when she moves in. I'm hoping that all goes well too, I've had some anxiety about all that, but I know it will all work out. Now to pray for a smooth and safe move for her and her doggy, Reggie.



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