Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Josiah's Psych Appt

Andy wasn't sure if we should try to bring Melina out or not since she's been so fussy, but I still don't know how to get to that place by myself and I always like him there for back up anyway. So, we ventured out. It was the last psych appt that he's having with this doctor. They're all residents there and so they rotate out every June/July. I felt like we really had a psych on our side finally. It didn't start out that way, but I feel like she's been on our side finally over the past few months. It took me bringing Andy with me to talk to her for them to understand, but I felt like she listened and understood after the first couple of appts that we had with her.

I told her that his agression is doing a lot better, it's still there, but nothing like it was. He has a hard time judging distances and so sometimes I feel like he doesn't necessarily mean to hurt someone he just doesn't think of how close he is to the person before he does something. Like last week at tball practice, he was standing 2 feet away from someone and chucked the ball and it hit them right in the face. Andy took him out of practice for the rest of the time. Today, he was getting ready for Vacation Bible School and he got upset that I pulled him out of the line to do something for me. Instead of putting the wipes on the table like I asked, he walked up to me and threw them at me (I was standing in front of the table). That he did deliberately...I can see the difference. I told him that just because he didn't want to get out of line doesn't mean that he needed to throw something at me. He then lost his place in line. I told him had he expressed that he didn't want someone else to get his place in line, he could have told me and I would have made it clear to the others that he was getting his spot back as soon as he was done doing something for me, but since he wanted to be mean because he was mad that he was losing his place in line and would have to go to the back of the line. That really set him off, but he needs to learn that he doesn't always have to be first, the winner, all that stuff. He struggles with that...he makes everything into a competition and we keep trying to tell him that some things just need to be done, it's not a race on who gets done first. Anyway, we talked and we are going to keep his meds the same for now. She told me that if I saw a problem I can call and the doctor that he's going to be assigned to will talk with me and we can up them if needed. Otherwise, I'm going to wait and see how he does when he starts kindergarten in the fall since he's going to be at school all day then. I told her that he was going to be evaluated for attachment disorder in July. She asked me to tell her a little more about what that all entailed. She said that she gave us kudos for being so invested in him and trying to do what we thought was best for him.

I came out of the appt to find out that Melina had thrown up on Andy a little bit. Poor baby girl....she is so fussy and just not feeling well.



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