Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Melina's Renal Ultrasound and VCUG

We got to the hospital at 7:45 to check in. They had wanted her to drink something prior to that to get her kidneys working. She didn't want much to do with drinking anything in the morning, but I managed to get her to drink a couple of ounces of juice. She was babbling at check in. We went back to radiology and the lady there wanted me to fill out a sheet of paperwork. No sooner did I take it than Melina started to scream. I got her calmed down and tried to pick up the clipboard and she started screaming again. I sat her down to see if she wanted to walk and she started to throw a fit because I wasn't holding her. I hate being handed paperwork to fill out when you're trying to console kids or keep them close to you so that they behave. I hate it. Anyway, I finally got her consoled and I was holding her in one hand and hand the clip board in the other. She immediately pushed the clipboard away and started to cry. Finally I noticed that I really only had to answer one question and sign and date the form as nothing else really applied to her, so I did it as fast as I could and gave it back to the receptionist. Finally, we went and walked in the hallway and she was fine as long as I was holding her. She was trembling and I was just trying to reassure her.

They called us back for the renal ultrasound and she did ok until the guy tried to touch her and then she started screaming. She wanted me to hold her and I couldn't. I kept trying to talk to her and smoothing her hair and she was just getting madder and madder that I couldn't pick her up. One of the nurses in the hallway heard her and came in and distracted her with her cell phone and she was relatively quiet for the rest of her ultrasound. Then, I had to put her in a gown and one of the techs tried to tie it in the back and the screaming started again. She just wanted her Momma. Then, they were ready for us across the hall.

We went over there and she immediately saw the lady that took x-rays of her before and started to scream. I got her calmed down and they called for the nursing supervisor to place her catheter. Everything was fine until it came time for me to put her on the table. The screaming started. They got the catheter in and the nurse told me that she'd tape the catheter and I could hold her. She was absolutely having a fit. The radiology tech kept telling me to lay her on the table while they got the doctor and I'd try to lay her down and she'd maneuver her way back into my arms. The nurse finally asked "how long is it going to take to get the doctor in here, the Mom can hold her baby..that catheter isn't going to go anywhere unless she pulls it out or she gets her legs just right in the wiring." The tech said that the doctor had been called and the doctor said to get her on the table. I tried once again to lay her down and she wasn't having anything to do with it. Finally, I said that I was going to hold her until the doctor came in the room...there's no sense to me in making her lay down when they weren't ready anyway. The doctor finally came in a few minutes later and they filled her bladder and she screamed and screamed. I was up by her face holding her hands and the tech was holding her feet and she was trying to push herself up the table to me. Another tech that was a student had to help to hold her in place. They kept asking me if I had anything to entertain her, I didn't have the hands to even try if I did and that's not what she wanted anyway, she just wanted her Momma and know that she was safe in my arms. The doctor kept looking and saying she was about to pee and the little stinker wouldn't go. You could see the little spasms, but she wouldn't release her bladder, she was so tense and so mad. Finally, she calmed down and I talked to her in little whispers and she finally let it go. THey had to turn her from side to side a couple of times and that had her screaming again. Once they were done, they told me they'd get me a towel to clean her up and then I could hold her. I said that I really didn't care that she was all wet, I just scooped her up and the screaming immediately stopped. I carried her over to the sink, washed her off, and asked them if I could bring her home in the gown. They said no, so I had to get her into her clothes. That was a little bit of a chore as she wanted nothing else to do with that table. I just put her outfit over her head and put her arms through and carried her out to the car. My poor sweet girl!

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