Thursday, June 23, 2011

Labwork for me...

My results just came in the mail. Not good and he scolded me on paper saying that it didn't even look like I was taking my medication. Some of it I have been, some of it I haven't as he was the one that told me if I wasn't taking birth control it would cause cause birth defects. We're not actively trying, but we're open to God's will and so I've been working with some natural supplements to try to improve my lab results. Anyway, my blood sugars came back very poor. I am not going to argue with that. With everything going on, I haven't been monitoring them as closely as I should be, I haven't been taking my insulin on a daily basis as I should have. Half the time I go in the kitchen intending to take my medication, the kids will all start asking for things left and right and after a couple of requests (demands), having to monitor behaviors and so forth, I've forgotten to take my medication and eat myself. I do eventually take my pills, but I forget to check my sugars and if I don't know what they are, I don't usually take my insulin. A few weeks ago, we reinstated our family membership up at the YMCA. I told Andy that I NEED to get myself back on track. I'm tired of being scared to go to the doctor because I don't want to get yelled at. I need to get my health back on track.

My thyroid levels are still extremely poor. He said it didn't look like I've even been taking my medication. I have been. My TSH is at a 26.6. They want to see it between 0.5-5.1. After I had Melina, I tested at a 73, and then later I was in the high 20s. They readjusted my meds and I'm still at a 26.6. This is with taking meds almost daily. I still feel tired all of the time, so I knew it wouldn't come back right. This is one reason why I called to get the labwork done. I'm just upset that he doesn't think I'm taking my meds as I am.

My blood sugars came back poor. My A1C should have been a 7 (what diabetics aim for...otherwise the norm is about 5-6 for the average person). I'm at a 9.7. My average blood sugar is a 232. I should be around 120.

My cholesterol came back high. My cholesterol came back at 263 (they want you around 200). My Triglycerides came back at 166 and they want you around 150. My HDL came back at 50 and they want you at 39. My calculated LDL was 180 and they want you around 100 and my risk ratio LDL/HDL was 3.60 and they want you around 3.22. This is the area where he wants me on meds and I won't take them because we're not using birth control. I am taking fish oil and trying to watch what I am eating...increasing fiber, eating more fruits and veggies to try to combat this.

The doctor wanted me to come in and talk about all of this with him. All I could think about was the last time I went in and how he scolded me and I walked out of there wanting to cry. Last time, I told him that I thought I needed to be on a long-acting insulin..he told me that I already was. When I got home, Andy was looking at the insulin pen that he gave me and said that it was different. Sure enough when we compared what he gave me at that visit as to what I had been taking...I was right...the one I had been taking had no long-acting in it at all. I called back to let them know, but my blood sugars have still been yucky. I still question whether if I went back on the insulin that I took while I was pregnant if they'd normalize. I wish my OB could be my primary care, but that office doesn't do that like I've had in the past. Anyway, I wrote him a letter regarding my lab work, my plan of action, what meds I've been taking, what supplements I've been taking, the reasons for not taking my cholesterol meds, and asking for my dosage on my thyroid medication to be upped and called in to the pharmacy and that I redo all of my labwork in 6 weeks. If theres no improvement, I'll go in to see him. We'll see what he has to say.

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