Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Holy moly!

Taking some time out of the craziness to blog for a minute...

What a crazy busy day this is turning out to be! I've been cleaning like a mad woman! Our quarterly monitoring for foster care is tomorrow night. We all seem to have developed a cold...nice coughs and runny noses.

Ever since I found out that we were closing on October 11, I have had to get my butt into high gear on getting our homeowners insurance. There's people that are affiliated with our builder and the mortgage company that we got a quote from. I was leaning towards going with that one until my Mom said that she pays almost double that for hers and she wanted us to gather a couple other quotes to see what they looked like as she didn't want us to wind up being underinsured. So, I put in a couple other calls. Trying to gather all that information.

Then, I get a call from J's CPS worker wanting to know if she can stop by this afternoon to visit with him. I don't mind really, but it's just one thing to add on to the other things going on. She's nice though and she's busy and she doesn't stay too long. So, I'm not really all that worried about things. I know I can get right back to the things that I need to do.

I also need to run to the grocery store at some point today and once Andy gets home we're going to try to start packing up the garage and getting that all organized so that we can start packing up in here and we have places to put things out there.

So, things feel like total chaos. I'm mad at myself in some ways that I wasn't more organized...maybe things totally didn't feel real or it felt like we still were in the waiting phase of all this. But, although it's total chaos...I'm trying to stay calm and just take it one step at a time. Lists are a good thing...right?

Abba, help us along with staying on task and keeping things running organized and smoothly.

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