Tuesday, September 18, 2007

how's my day going?

Let's see...so far today I've downloaded this week's stuff to do some activities with D. Since he's so far behind in his milestones, I decided that I was going to try to do some nursery/preschool stuff with him. I found a really cool link that has a curriculum and recommended printouts and books to read along with each weeks lesson.

We're learning about cows this week along with the square and the letter A, and the number 1. I also put a bunch of cow books on hold at the library and netflixed a movie about cows for the end of the week. We sang a bunch and pretended to be cows and he loved sitting at the table and coloring a picture of a cow. It is now hanging on the refrigerator.

I did some physical therapy homework with J and we read some nursery rhymes and he took a little nap.

Now, they are eating their lunch...roast beef slices, fruit cocktail, and pickles.

After lunch, they'll have some play time with their animal farm while I try to clean up the house before we have to go get Deidra in a couple of hours.

Once I pick her up, I'm going to run to the library to get the books that I have on hold and then we'll come home and do her homework and I'll read to the kids. Then, we have cheer practice later. After we get home from that, we'll eat dinner and then get ready for bed.

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