Friday, September 14, 2007

One of those weeks...

Monday I totally forgot about Deidra's gymnastics class and we missed it.

Tuesday came and I kept thinking it was still Monday. We missed Deidra's cheerleading practice.

Wednesday was our anniversary. I wasn't off on days that day and things went really well.

Thursday I for some reason was still thinking was Wednesday. I went in to the dentist office to see about getting the new patient paperwork for D so that I was prepared for his appt and could just get in and get out really quick. I walked in and told the receptionist and she said really snippy "well, who is it for?" I told her his name and that his appointment was for the next day. She goes on to tell me that they only work one Friday a month. I said "no, his appointment isn't on's on Thursday." She said "his appointment was for today..he was supposed to be here at noon." I apologized and said that I had kept getting the days of the week confused. She wasn't very sympathetic and rescheduled him for Monday. Oops! I brought Deidra to a make-up gymnastics class and we had the wrong time down. I thought it started at 7:30 and it started at she only got to go for a 1/2 an hour.

Today is Friday. I have to keep telling myself that. I cancelled the only appointment we had for today. J was supposed to have therapy. However, I cancelled it as I don't want anyone else getting scabies.

Please tell me that other people do this stuff...I know I've gotten off track on days before and oversighted something...but I've never had a full week of this stuff.



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