Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy anniversary to me!

I now have scabies. D had them when he first came here. J and I both have them now. I was up most of the night being itchy and trying not to scratch. Then, I had to kick Deidra out of bed because I don't want her to catch it. Then, I was up coughing and finally fell asleep. Then, I was up at 3 scratching more, went to the bathroom and found out I have splotches on my face. Went and got the perscription cream and doused myself in it and had Andy help me get the places I couldn't reach (this was at 3 am). Then, I finally fell asleep after a lot of tossing and turning to have Andy's dad call us at 5 am on accident. Tossed and turned again, finally fall asleep and Andy wakes me up at 6 am to say happy anniversary and good-bye but he's not touching me. I fall asleep again and Deidra tries to climb in bed with me again...this time I just got up. My mom is supposed to babysit tonight, although I can tell deep down she kind of leery about doing it, and I just don't know what to do. My friend told me that her mom still gets overwhelmed watching all 4 of her girls (her youngest is J's age and her oldest is 8) but not to feel bad about going. Andy and I desperately need some time together, but I just don't know what to do. We can't have a conversation without trying to talk over the kids and with interruptions and there's been so much going on lately that we just need that time together. Add in a really stressful day yesterday with D's visit (I do not want to send him back to his parents after yesterday) but that's a whole other story...I just need some time to connect with my husband. However, I am going to put in a call to the doctor first to see if I'm still considered to be contagious tonight or not.

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