Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New House Pictures

They have done quite a bit more to our house now. My blog was behind since the beginning of September. To avoid clogging everyone's inboxes with pictures...I'm just going to send you to my blog if you want to see the progress. We have all the cabinets installed now, our fireplace mantle and tilework has been done, we have our front door (it's got to be painted yet though), and they have texturized the walls. The link to my blog is http://hoffmanshouse.blogspot.com if you want to see!

Abba, please bless our house that it will be a safe haven for all who enter it and that we always have the financial means to provide for our house and all who enter it. That we will all be happy, safe and healthy there.



Anonymous Vicki said...

Everything looks so nice. I am sure you are anxious for it to be complete!!!

8:32 AM  
Anonymous jen said...

it looks great Jess!!! Congratulations!!!

10:13 AM  

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