Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lord, Give me some extra patience...

My patience is running thin. Baby D has been grumpy all day long and I am so tired of asking him to do something and him yelling no. I tell him that he can't do something and he's been throwing temper tantrums. I'm making our meals and he's whining at me constantly for the cookies...not until you finish your food. Noooo!

Baby J has been tired all day, yet he won't go down for a nap. I've tried several times to no avail. He just cries in his crib.

We have training tonight up at the agency and it's going way past their bedtimes and J already gets crabby before his bedtime, I don't know what he's going to do when he's been a crab all day.

Deidra came home from school with Miss Attitude. Homework was a fight. She got put in time out for her attitude. She finally came back to finish it. She decided to make a mess in her room after she got in trouble for something else and I told her to clean it. She came out in the kitchen mad about something, grabbed a bottle she thought was empty and of course didn't have the cap on it and it went all over the floor. I had to take a time out after that happened. I told her to clean it up and I went in my room. When I felt myself calm down, I came out and she was cleaning it up and saying sorry over and over. I know it was an accident for the most part, but I'm so tired of her not paying attention.

I made the boys dinner since the agency is feeding the older kids and the adults and I went to help Baby D eat some of his soup. He spit the green beans out of his mouth and threw them onto the floor. I don't know how many times I've told him not to do that. I turned around to feed J and D had thrown all of his food on the floor while I had my back to him. I made him get down and pick them up.

I went to get the boys a bath and Deidra knocked the baby gate down and so D was running all over the house, getting into her room. She of course threw a fit, but I couldn't do anything with J in the tub. So, she was yelling that he was getting into her stuff...I got J finished up and in to get a new diaper and clean clothes on and then had to deal with getting the baby gate back up.

I tried to get J to nap again while I got D in the tub. They were both screaming. Got D finished up and dressed and then I went to get J out as he was NOT going to go to bed. His little arms just clamped themselves right around my neck and he just cuddled up to me. I held him for awhile and he wouldn't let me put him down.

The house is a disaster and I wanted to try to get it cleaned up a little bit so I had to set him in his playpen for a little bit so I could clean without him undoing what I had done and he just screamed and screamed. D got into trouble and I had to put him in time out.

Finally, I decided that I was going to come on here and journal and the boys have started to play. Deidra fell asleep on the couch. Andy should be home any minute, thank goodness.

As much as I think trainings are boring, I'm looking forward to being kid-free for the 3 hours of training and getting some time to myself for a bit. I guess since things have calmed down, I'll go try to clean up.

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Blogger Amy said...

Sometimes you have to sneak in your adult only time whenever and whereever you can. It definitely sounds like you could use some. I know when my three where young I even enjoyed dentist visits since I got to go all by myself. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

4:09 PM  

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