Friday, September 21, 2007

What'cha reading lately?

Yeah, not that I don't have anything else to do...but I love to read and haven't been reading much lately. Just when I wait for Deidra to finish up her gymnastics class. But, lately I just pick the books up and set them down...I need a good story to occupy my time.

So, what'cha reading lately? Any recommendations?



Anonymous jen said...

my recommendation for anyone that hasn't read it yet is "The Red Tent". AWESOME book and worth a second or third read. :) What i'm actually reading right now is a book for church/small group. It's called Life On Loan. Talking about how our life is really just "on loan" from God, and what we do with it is our choice. Something we all *know*, but sometimes need to rehear. :)

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