Monday, August 18, 2008

A night out with Mom and Jimmie...

Deidra and I went to church yesterday morning and Mom had some stuff to do for church after mass and she asked if she could stop by after she was done. I told her that was fine. She came over and met the girls and sat and talked when the phone rang. It was my brother, Jimmie, and we thought he wanted Mom. Imagine my surprise when the phone gets handed back to me and Mom says to me "he wants his sister." So, I talked to him and he wanted me to convince Mom that we needed to go to Cedar Hill. I asked him who "we" was? He wanted me and Mom and him to go. So, I tell Mom and I ask Andy if he minds if I go and he says no. So, I quick through Baby L's laundry in the washer and asked him to switch it to the dryer when it was done as we didn't know quite for sure when he was leaving to go to his Dad's this week and I just wanted to be prepared. So, we head to Mom's (she's 20 minutes from me). She had some expensive car repairs over the past week so she didn't know what was up Jimmie's sleeve. He wanted to go to Sports Authority to get some new football gear and he finally twisted her arm enough to say we could go. So, we piled into her Suburban and we were off. She wanted me to go into Half-Priced books with her, but Jimmie wanted me to go with him. So, he told me he was only going to be a few minutes and so I went with him first. An hour later as I'm bored out of my mind, we finally left. He bought a new t-shirt over new football gear and I told him if he got in trouble by Mom (she gave him some of the last cash she had). The cashier asked him for his phone number and I cracked up laughing until I realized she needed it for the register. Oops! We walked over to Circuit City where we met the oldest looking security guard that had us busting up as I told Jimmie that I think even I could overpower him. We just laughed and laughed. Then, we walked over to Half-Priced Books to find Mom. Jimmie had me go withhim to look at records and movies and I found some Rush albums that made me think of Andy and so I call Andy at home. I am talking to him and I hear some weird noise. I ask him what the noise is and he says it's the fan. I'm thinking to myself...we don't have a fan. Then, I was like "in the kitchen?" (thinking it was the fan over the stove). He says "no, in the laundry room." I was like "oh, htat's loud." Then, I flip up the next record that I get to and it's Biff Rose and I just busted up laughing. I had to hang up with Andy as I was laughing so hard. My brother started cracking up too and then I tripped over a box that was on the floor and as I turned around there was a big dog in there. I was going to reach out to pet it and then I was like "oh, I probably shouldn't as it's probably a service dog." We go laughing back to find my Mom and we meet up with one of the co-workers and my brother says "oh my gosh, that guy is wearing leather pants that are skin tight." and we start laughing again. Finally, it dawns on me that I'm acting silly because I need to eat and so I tell Mom that I need to eat. She says "yeah, I was thinking about getting something too, where do you want to go?" I said "Mom, I NEED to eat." She says "ok, lets go, if anything happens I don't know what to do with you." So, we head off to Red Robins where we all ate scrummy yummy burgert (well, I had the bruschetta chicken burger)and I felt myself come out of it right away. My silliness subsided and I felt normal again. I haven't had that happen in quite awhile. Anyway, we go to leave adn Mom says "lets head somewhere else to see where you guys are going to embarrass me." We head out and someone asks us to take a picture of their family and so I do and we go to get in the car and Mom's car alarm goes off. She is trying and trying to get it to quit and it won't. Apparently because there are so many antennaes in that area it can interfere with your car key buttons and so forth. Anyway, I say "umm...Mom we didn't have to go far to get embarrassed but it's not Jimmie and I this time." We laughed. I was waiting for a police car to show up or something. We saw the family that I stopped to take their picture coming to go to their car and all I could think of was "man, they're probably glad I didn't try to run off with their camera or something." Finally, we pulled out her manual and she was able to get it to quit. We wound up going to a new mall in Cedar Hill and I think I'm going to take the kids back to play (it's all outside but it's dinosaur-themed and they have a little spray park and a little dinosaur area where they can crawl and climb all over). It was closed, but the restaurants were still open and we just walked around to see what all was there. Then, we headed back to Mom's and stopped at the grocery store. We go to check out and Jimmie and I were making wise cracks at each other. The cashier went to hand us our receipt and she slipped and yells "oh fu**" and my Mom says "whaaat?" The cashier immediately says "oh, sorry, I almost fell." We go to leave and Mom looks at me and says "did she just say oh fu**?" That made it all the more funnier and I could barely breath I was laughing so hard. She doesn't swear anymore and just the way she said it just totally was hilarious. We got back to her house and we were still all laughing about it. She says "well, when was the last time you were sworn at by the help somewhere or heard them swearing?" She just couldn't get over that, but my goodness it was hillarious. I need nights like that once in awhile to laugh and relieve stress. You gotta love her...

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