Monday, August 18, 2008

We said good-bye to Baby L today :-(

We got the call this morning that they were moving him to his Dad's this morning. Deidra said her good-bye to him before I dropped her off at Montessori this morning. I'm glad that I was able to get some really cute pictures of them last night. He's really taken to her over the last couple of days and she's been doting on him a lot. He just smiles away at her and giggles at her. She had been starting to hold him more and more. Anyway, she didn't want him to leave, but she did ok with telling him good-bye. She asked me when she left if he'd still be here when she got home and I told her no. I came home and gave him a bath and snuggled with him for a bit before I had to run around like a whirlwind to get all of his stuff back together. I got teary-eyed and I knew that I was going to lose it. I tried to distract myself with the other kids while I finished. Andy came home to take lunch to say his good-byes and I started crying when he was telling him to be a good buddy and grow big and strong. He had just started to sit up by himself if we helped him and he'd balance for a few seconds to a minute before he'd lose his balance. He's done so much in the 2 months that he was here and what a happy and content baby he is. He was totally a joy to have around. They came at 11 to get him and I made myself hold it together. She was asking me some questions about any medical info and his schedule and all I could say was "I wrote it down." I knew if I tried to say anymore I was going to fall apart. The kids all gave him a hug and kiss and they took him and I started crying once the door shut. I had to run to Walgreens to get some medicine for Baby J and I cried all the way there. I came home and Andy just hugged me. I absolutely hate good-byes. I get so attached to them while we have them. God bless you, Baby L! I hope you have a wonderful life to come and we love you! I'll always hold you in my heart and prayers.

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