Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Conference with Josiah's teacher

I met with Josiah's teacher after school yesterday to discuss his progress in school. She said she could tell that he has really been worked with as she quizes the kids at the start of the year to see what all they can do and she was impressed that he's already writing his name, knows his shapes and colors, and knows a lot of his letters already. We discussed his behavior and consequences and some things that he was doing and what works. She asked me what really seems to be his form of motivation. I sort of laughed as there's not really any one thing that I can say. I told her that he does like to be praised, but that he's a kid that you have to constantly change up what you do. If you do one thing for too long, it gets old for him and he just doesn't care anymore. But overall, he's doing well. Just gotta get those behaviors under control. It's just like our OT said "he's very smart and could go alot further than what he chooses to, as his behaviors get in the way and it's all due to his choices."

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