Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Attachment-Focused Parenting Day 17

6:50-7:30 am Josiah getting into Tracie's room and testing the rules every couple of minutes

8:30 am Josiah running around with a tote of toys zooming them all in the air

8:45 am Josiah not getting dressed after a couple of reminders of what he needed to be doing

9:30 am Josiah I had gotten Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and he had already eaten, but I told him he could have some of my hashbrowns as his morning snack as I just wanted my drink and my sandwich. We got home and I took about 10 hashbrowns out of my large order for myself and gave him the rest and he pitched a fit and said "that's all I get?" We had a talk about being grateful for what we are given and having a positive attitude.

4:00 pm Emily tripping Deidra and making her fall and refusing to apologize

4:10 pm Deidra, Emily, Tracie, and Josiah for being extremely rude and loud while I was on the phone with the psychiatrist about Josiah. We had a huge talk about how we behave when Mom's on the phone, especially with the doctor.

4:20 pm Deidra, Emily, Tracie, and Josiah all had great days at school and got to pick from the reward jar. Emily got to stay up late. Tracie got to pick a tv show. Josiah got story time. Deidra gets to have a friend spend the night.

5:30 pm Emily wouldn't calm down and wouldn't play nicely with Tracie and Josiah

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