Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Attachment-Focused Parenting Day 22

Things are still going ok. Tracie's been a bit more naughtier than usual and letting Josiah influence her. Josiah's been into the Christmas lights and I'm chasing him out of them left and right. Lots of talks about safety and how we don't touch the electrical plugs and outlets or plug things in as that can HURT people. Our plugs are supposed to have some kind of safety feature where you can't get electrocuted, but I'm not relying on that and want to teach him safety. Came walking around the corner to find Emma and Josiah plugging tug of war with a string of lights that was supposed to be wrapped around the window frame. After yet another talk about safety, it wasn't a full two minutes later than Emma was right back over there trying to fix it while I was tending to the baby. I finally told them if they bothered it again, I was taking them down...maybe they're just not ready for something like this. They finally quit.

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