Sunday, June 26, 2011

Emma's Alice in Wonderland Party

making birthday wishes and blowing out her candles...

Emma's cake

We had Emma's 6th birthday party today. She wanted to invite friends from school that lived in our neighborhood. We invited Clara, Hope (Hope's sister Taylor that's in Deidra's class), Eden (she goes to church with us and was also in her class), and another little girl named Jessica that lives up the street. Hope and Taylor were the only ones who came...I felt bad, but it is the summer and I know families have a lot of summer plans. Anyway, they had fun watching Disney's Alice in Wonderland, making princess masks (we got a pirate for Josiah), getting princess tattoos, and eating cake and ice cream. She was spoiled with the Alice in Wonderland movie from Grandma, the Disney version was from us, $6 from Grandma and a 4th of July shirt too, a gift card to Toys R Us from Cousin Hannah and Uncles Miles and Aunt Kellie, a Walmart card from Grandpa Hoffman, and a princess DVD player from Grandma Hoffman...Melina loves that thing so I have a feeling she's going to be fighting over it with her. She had a great day. It was nice to have my Mom here for the day too. She stayed and spent most of the day with us and we made dinner together...goulash, garlic bread, and salad. Mmmm!

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