Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sometimes it really hurts...

that Josiah tries so hard to keep me at bay.  When they are throwing fits or having to go to time out and he's dysregulated, I've tried to just go sit with him.  If he continues to kick the cabinets and so forth, I put him on my lap.  He will scream to no end that I'm hurting him.  If he pinches or hits me then I hold his hands.  If he tries to head butt me, I just hold his head against my chest.  I'm not hurting him by any means and we can talk about it afterwards once he's calm and he will admit that I'm not hurting him.  He just says that he doesn't want to have to sit in time out.  It bothers me so much that anytime I try to touch him when he's mad he will continue to scream that I'm hurting him.  I have to take it for what it is "he's just trying to get out of doing his consequences in time out for his actions" and that "it's not personal."  I just wish that he'd accept my help and that I'm just trying to keep him safe, myself safe, and things from getting broken and I'm hoping that by being present and calm that I'm helping him to regulate.  I just want him to let me in.  I want him to accept the love that I'm just trying to give him.



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