Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Barely Pregnant?

Well, the nurse called me back last night. She said that anything over 5 is considered pregnant and my levels are only slightly above that. So, she says that I'm barely pregnant. I'm still bleeding though, so I asked her if she really thought I was pregnant or if I was in the middle of miscarrying and she said there's no way to tell until I have the other blood test done and he wanted that done within 48 I'm going to go back Thursday morning to have it repeated. She said he'd want to schedule an appt with me after the blood test results came back in since I am a diabetic and that needs to be well-controlled throughout the pregnancy. I told her that right now I was too scared to even think that far. I'm scared...



Blogger Amy said...

Sorry that you didn't get better news. I am crossing my fingers that your numbers keep going up after your test tomorrow.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there....I'll be thinking of you, and will check in here periodically for an update. {{hugs}} Don't give up on hope just yet.


4:25 PM  
Anonymous jen said...

CONGRATULATIONS JESS!!!! God is good and has an awesome plan for you! i'm praying that all goes well and the numbers go up up up!!!

5:18 AM  

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