Friday, September 28, 2007

What a day!!

D woke up and didn't want to eat. Just wanted to sleep, but he kept waking up every few minutes and he'd tense up and start to cry. Wasn't really sure what was going on, but he started doing it more and more around lunch time and I kept asking him if his ears hurt, if his tummy hurt, and when I went to give him some tylenol he just let it dribble right back out. I called the doctor to see if I could get him in to check his ears and throat and they were booked. I knew he probably had an upper respiratory infection too. I think both boys have one of those. Anyway, I told her he seemed to be really hurting (she was trying to schedule something for first thing in the morning) and that I wasn't going to make him wait that long and that we were going to head to the ER. Andy came home to stay with Josiah and to go pick up Deidra at school since we weren't going to make it home in time to get her. I felt horrible calling him home from work, but at that point D wouldn't stop crying and I had to do something.

We went to the hospital and got him checked in. Was told that there were only 3 people ahead of us in the non-emergency clinic and that it shouldn't take too long. We went to sit down and he kept falling asleep on my lap and then waking up shrieking. He wouldn't part with his cup for anything and when he'd fall asleep and almost drop it, he'd wake up too. Finally, he decided he wanted a drink of his milk. He started to cry and I moved him so that he could put his head on my shoulder. He proceeded to throw up all over me, the chair, and the floor. Thankfully, nobody was sitting behind us. When I went to try to stand up, he threw up again on the floor. This lady says to me "you shouldn't be giving him milk to drink if he's sick." I got mad as that was the first time he had thrown up all day and I wasn't thinking he had a stomach bug or anything all day. Anyway, it looked like he was going to barf again, so I tried to get into the bathroom, but someone was in there. The lady went and told the triage nurse and they took their sweet time getting me a basin, so once again he threw up on the floor. I finally got him into the bathroom and the lady brought me some wet towels to try to clean us both off. She says to me "please don't give him any more's not settling in his tummy right." At that point, I felt the need to defend myself and I was pissed. I told her "Look, not that it's any of your business but I thought he had an ear infection or a sore throat or something, this is the first time he's thrown up all day." She says "well, he probably feels better now that he got that icky milk out of his system. His tummy just doesn't feel good." He lurched into the toilet again and she finally left. I came back out and they were cleaning up the floors and the lady had moved our stuff. She sat talking to her daughter about us like we weren't there or something. Finally, I looked at her and said "you do realize that I'm sitting right here and that I can hear you right??" She said "I'm not telling her anything that I haven't already told you." I told her I didn't need my parenting's not like he's at the point where he can tell me what's wrong or anything. If I knew his stomach didn't feel good, I wouldn't have let him have the milk. I'm not stupid and I'm not a first time mom." All this time, I'm wishing I had somewhere else to move to. Finally, they got called back in the ER and we were left to wait in peace.

He finally got called back 3 hours later after he had retched a few more times in the waiting area...I so love the stares and everybody not minding their own business. He got to the point where he wouldn't let me sit down with him and he'd only sleep if I was standing up holding back was killing me and I was so sick of being stared at. We got back to our room and he completely flipped out on me (I think he remembered me taking him there before and he was very afraid of the doctor...doesn't like men). It took me awhile to calm him down. I prayed that we wouldn't get a male doctor. Thankfully, we got a female (NP). She asked me a bunch of questions and asked me if his shots were current. I said no and that we had just had his 2 month shots done and he was going back in October for another set. She looks at me "you do realize how important immunizations are right?" I looked right back at her (she had seen us before) "you do realize this is a foster child right??" Then, her tune totally changed. I however was on the verge of tears. Turns out he did have an ear infection and a upper respiratory infection and she thinks he threw up because of the pain as it was really red. Then, she asked me if he had a history of ear infections "um, we've had him for 1 month and he's already had 2, but other than that I don't know." She says "you don't know anything about him?" Oh gee, he's a foster child...a lot of info isn't known about them and when he had parents that never took him to a doctor it's not like you're able to get medical records on him to know anything. She asked me if he had any allergies to medications and I said "not that I know of." She says "well, do you think he'd be able to take some amoxicillin without any problems?" Umm...what aren't you getting?? You're the freaking health professional and I don't know that he's ever taken it before, so I guess we're just going to have to find out. She had a male nurse come and give him some motrin which was a battle (he's scared of men) and then they gave him a popsicle and let us leave.

He came home and slept most of the day...he didn't want me leaving to go to the pharmacy or to take Deidra to practice last night. Andy finally put him in bed at 7 as he just couldn't stay awake. Rest is probably the best thing for him anyway. Poor baby!

Now to try and get J into the doctor for his upper respiratory infection and barky cough.....

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