Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well, Little J is coming!!

The children's advocate has really been pushing for the 5-year old sister of D to come and stay with us. She thinks we're doing a wonderful job with the kids that we have and she really feels that Little J (the 5-year old sister) needs a mother who stays at home. She's in kindergarten, but doesn't know her numbers, alphabet, colors, or shapes. She also knows very little boundaries, which is what we're also seeing with D. Anyway, the children's advocate thinks that she needs a mother that is home with her that can teach her and oversee her and teach her what real family life is like. Anyway, she wanted to know if we would take her. We've been saying for the last month that we would be willing to take her.

Well, we moved and found out that their big brother lives very near to us. What a fluke that was to find out, but it will be good for the siblings.

The family had court yesterday and some things were discussed. I called today to find out how court went since we were sick and court started at the same time I had to get Deidra from school. They said that little had changed and that the children's advocated for J, although it looked like they were going to keep her in her current foster home for the time being. Well, an hour later, our worker called and told me that CPS had decided that they wanted J to come and live with us. Wow! I don't know when they're moving her just yet..whether it be tomorrow or sometime next week...but she's coming! We'll have 2 blonde haired blue eyed princesses in the house now! Deidra's down playing at the neighbor's and I can't wait to tell her! She's been praying for her to come...they've already met and Deidra really likes her so far.

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