Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What a fluke!

So, Baby D had a sibling visit today with his sister that moved south of here along with his parents. The CPS worker and I were talking and she happened to mention that she didn't have our new address to come and get him for the visit. I told her and she said "well, that's interesting that you say that." I'm thinking..what's so interesting about that?" Well, Baby D's older brother lives very near us.

I've been asked if it came down to it if I would take in J (the 5 year old girl) and M (the 10 year old brother) and I just didn't know if I was comfortable taking in someone that was that much older than Deidra. Deidra is all for it. However, I just didn't know as that would change our family dynamic and all. Anyway...I'm starting to think that God has other plans...but in the meantime this gives us a chance to get to know him and to see what comes of things. We're going to go over there later this week and introduce ourselves and let him know that he's more than welcome to come and play if he wants to.



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