Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I hate the flu!!

I'm so sick of passing this darned old flu bug around. Deidra and Baby D both had it last week Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. They were fine the rest of the week. Deidra was even back at school on Tuesday. Anyway, Saturday night when I was at work I started feeling nauseated and my stomach started hurting. I didn't really think I was getting sick...I woke up early Sunday morning though and started barfing. I finally managed to get back to sleep around 5 am and I was going to wake up early to call into work. Well, the next thing I know is Andy is telling me that it's 7:30 (I had to be to work by 8 and they require at least a 1 hour notice). So, I somehow managed to get dressed and drove into work. I felt drained, had no energy, and just felt sick to my stomach. I sauntered up front very slowly and informed my supervisor that I had the stomach flu and that I needed to go home when the next cashier arrived. She didn't know how possible that was going to be, but said she'd see. I was mad, but didn't have it in me to say anything. I was more focused on not throwing up on any customers while I was trying to ring them up. I stood up there for awhile and then I told her I was going to go to the bathroom. I took off for the back and managed to make it in time. When I came back, she asked me if I could hang in there until 9 and then she'd let me go home. I told her that was fine. I think they were upset with me, but what was I supposed to do?

I came home and didn't move off of the couch or my bed all day long. I'd snooze for a bit, wake up, feel absolutely miserable, and fall back asleep. The nausea just rolled through me and I was in so much pain. Nothing I did helped and I absolutely could not get comfortable. I didn't remember feeling this sick in a very long time. Andy drug the kids around with him back and forth to the old house (we just had to clean over there) all day long and he took Deidra to Sunday school and he took them all to the store.

He called in to work on Monday as I was still feeling quite awful and I couldn't function much. This time it was all coming out the other end though. And when we were feeding Baby D his breakfast, he started throwing up. Yup, he's got the flu again. So, he missed his visit for the 2nd week in a row and he will not let me out of his sight and if I'm not holding him, he's throwing an absolute fit. And with the way that I've been feeling, I don't want anyone on my lap let alone touching me all that much.

He was supposed to have a sibling visit this morning (Tuesday) and he barfed all over in the car when I was taking Deidra to school, so I don't know that that's going to happen either. UGH!

I just hope that nobody else gets this stupid bug. I'm so tired of cleaning up barf and doing laundry and I'm tired of feeling miserable. I feel bad for Baby D too. They don't understand this stuff when they're that little. I think I'm going to check into getting them flu shots though.



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