Monday, October 15, 2007

We're officially moved in!

We got all moved in!! We closed on the house on Thursday morning and started moving stuff over on Thursday night. Got to bed around 1 am, but it was nice to stay in the new house. We just slept on our mattresses on the floor. Well, the boys slept in their cribs...but they were the only ones who had their beds put together. Got up early Friday morning, had a mishap with the U-Haul (it needed to be jumped) that set us back a couple of hours. Ran up to Home Depot to get our new refrigerator and then loaded up all the remaining stuff that was left over that needed to be moved. Got to the new house to unload and went to bring the new refrigerator in and it wouldn't fit through the door. We wound up taking the door off and it still wouldn't fit. Had to run back up to Home Depot to rent an appliance dolly so that we could bring it around to the back to bring it in through the slider. That finally worked! So, we're all moved in now...

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Blogger Amy said...

Happy to hear that you are all moved in!

2:59 PM  
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