Monday, October 29, 2007

Home Study Updated and Our Visit with Little J

Hi! Well, some of my stress is gone...our home study has been updated. Our caseworker came out early this morning to do our monthly supervision and updating our home study. Our home is now off of hold!

Little J's visit went well. She was totally running everywhere and jumping all over on Friday when she got here and Andy looked at me and said "I don't know if I can do better think long and hard." He doesn't understand how girls get all excited and all when they get together so I had a feeling that she'd settle down once she got used to everything. We were constantly having to tell her not to jump on the furniture or run up and down the stairs. Bedtime was hard...she didn't want to go to bed...the shadows were scaring her and she was afraid of having nightmares. The weird thing too was that Baby D got totally clingy while she was here and wouldn't let me put him down. Maybe he thought she was going to get in on his territory or something, but he wouldn't go play with her or anything and when she tried to hug him, he started screaming for me to hold him. Our caseworker doesn't seem to think that they've really had a whole lot of interaction together in the it will be interesting once she moves in how things settle in. Deidra and her were pretty much inseparable the whole weekend though...although Little J totally wore Deidra out. They pretty much played outside the whole time together with the neighbors and they'd come in to eat and so forth.

Saturday went a whole lot better, Little J had calmed down a lot and was listening better. She kept Deidra pretty busy and Deidra was wore out. She didn't want Little J to leave though. Little J is pretty head strong though...we had a couple power struggles and when I wouldn't do what she wanted, she told me she wouldn't come back. When I had to leave for work, I told her that I didn't know if I'd be back in time before she had to leave, but that I had fun getting to spend some time with her and that Andy would be staying with her. She said that she liked him and that pretty soon she was going to live here and that she liked it here. So, that made me feel better. I'm glad that she liked it here even though she didn't get her way the whole time. She's sweet for the most part, but she does know what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it. She's also very protective of Baby D, although he really doesn't seem to want to interact with her a whole lot. Baby J bit him and she informed me "he better not ever do that to my baby brother again." Our caseworker said that if there's ever a time that we feel that we want her to come out and explain some things to her that she will. So, I think we'll be ok. The visit went well and I think with time she'll settle in pretty well.

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