Friday, October 19, 2007

Man alive!

Nothing I've done for the past couple of days has pleased Baby D. He wants things his way or no way. Everything is a tantrum. You drive past a fast food place and you don't's a tantrum. He doesn't want to eat, so you get him's a tantrum. You won't feed him what he wants later and make him wait until the next meal...yup, you guessed's a tantrum. I refuse to hold him whenever he's a tantrum. And his crying is getting on my nerves! He's been doing this fake cry thing tears...just this constant whine/cry. I finally put him up in his bed to go to bed. I don't know what his deal is. But, it's awfully annoying that he's been acting like this after his visits and it's taking a couple of days to get over it every time it happens. Everyone that has been seeing how he's been acting has said that seeing his parents must trigger the behavior. Well, then why are they allowed to have visits? I so cannot wait until 6 when Andy comes home and I so hope that Baby D will fall asleep soon so I can have an end to this annoying crying. If he had a reason to cry, I'd understand, but it's over everything. Nothing makes him happy these past couple of days. And the only thing that I can pinpoint it all to is his visit. This mommy needs some calgon!

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