Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I finally said it...

therapy has become a huge problem in our house. I am so burned out for one by having to do it all of the time, but I know the kids need it. So, we press on! However, for the past few months our speech therapist has pulled some crap and she doesn't like to show for her visits sometimes. Our agency was audited and because they just wrote on the forms that the visit was cancelled and couldnt' be rescheduled, the state was asking a bunch of questions. We had a new worker at the time too and it really stressed me out and I asked our old worker to go and talk to them. Everything ended up ok as the foster care director was aware of the situation, she said the state was just being really picky. I still felt that it looked bad on my part and it stressed me out. Well, fast forward a month later, the therapy company found out that our agency wasn't happy with them and they brought dinner in to talk to our agency and handed out receipts for missed appts to our workers. Well, once again I was asked to provide documentation on why some visits were missed. Now, these were appts for like 2 months prior so I had to guess on some of them. But after that, I swore that any little cancellation or re-schedule was going to be documented on my part with who and why the appt was cancelled or rescheduled. So for the past few weeks, my speech therapist hasn't shown for appts, hasn't bothered to call, has rescheduled a lot and because I knew the state was being picky I kept rescheduling my plans every day to accommodate the therapist any way that I could to get speech in here for Baby T. Well, she called yesterday right when she was supposed to be here and told me that she wasn't going to make it because she was back in school and she wanted to know if she could come out in the middle of the afternoon. I was ticked! We had a caseworker visit and I finally came out and told them that something had to change....I am so burned out from feeling like I can't do anything because anytime I have a schedule in my mind, we have to change our plans to accomodate therapy. So, we are going to see about changing to a new company if they can do it in the mornings. I just can't do this anymore. This week, we've gotten out and the kids have had something to look forward to and it's something to break up their day and it gets me out around other adults and I am feeling better about things. I'm just going to continue to document the missed visits...even this morning was another no-show. I'll just document to cover myself and we'll go out and have our fun.

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