Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One emotional Momma, but oh so very blessed!

I was driving Deidra to school this morning and thinking about how very blessed I am. I started thanking God and just praising Him for all of our blessings over our family. I just feel like God is holding me in His hands and is just pouring his blessings over our family. I have never felt more in God's presence and more loved and blessed by Him! I love my family...I love my children...I love how God has provided them with us as parents and given us our children that we have asked and prayed for how He saw fit. We are so blessed to have had Deidra, to have adopted Josiah, to be adopting Little E and Baby T, and now to find out that we have another baby on the way. I am one blessed Momma and I could not be more happier. I am just so thrilled!

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