Monday, September 28, 2009

Not very organized...

So, we had a meeting for the girls the week before last and something came up that they wanted us to have tested at the doctor's for the girls and their brother. I called on Friday to tell the doctor and they told me to come in this morning. I wasn't quite sure how they were going to test for it, finger stick, blood draw, or urine test. Anyway, I got in there and the waiting room was FULL. Sick little people all over, one boy was coughing over the toys and I really didn't want my littles over by him. Then, he started throwing up in the waste basket. Me and another Mom were just shaking our heads. They could have moved him back to a room to get him out of there so that he wasn't passing germs to anyone else as far as I'm concerned. We wound up sitting in the waiting room for an hour. Then, we finally get called back and they ask me what I need again and I explain it all again. I asked the med asst how they were going to test for it, and asked if they were just going to do a finger stick. She said that wouldn't give them an accurate picture and that the nurse practitioner would have to write a script and send us over to the hospital. They leave me in the room for another 15 minutes and Baby T got put in time out and was screaming at me just when they decided to come in. The NP asks again what I need and I tell her. She says she'll write me a script and if I go over to the hospital right then, she'll get the results later today. I'm so glad that I waited all this time and that we've been exposed to all these germs by this time. But, I'm still trying to be patient and so I take the scripts for the lab work and I head over to the hospital with the kids. I just didn't feel that her office was all that organized today. I should have gone home for Josiah's pill, but I figured that it wouldn't take that long. We get signed in and battle with the kids to be quiet and to sit still and we sit and sit and sit. Finally, the lab calls us back. By this point, Josiah was threw listening and was dancing around everywhere and could NOT sit still. The lab tech tells him to stand up against the wall, not to touch anything, and to keep his hands folded. Yeah, I'm trying to keep the girls still to do their blood draws and he's trying to get into the biohazard pail, the drawers, whatever he can touch. Finally, we get done and she says "I need urine samples." I told her that Baby T is not potty-trained and Little E had just gone potty not that long before. I take them all into the bathroom and Little E can't go, Josiah is turning the light on and off and trying to grab the containers off the counter. I try Baby T and of course she has no idea of what to do and so I just hold it there for a few minutes and nothing. Finally, I had had enough and I told the girls we were done. I came out and told the lab lady that they couldn't go. She wanted them to sit in the waiting room and drink something and then try in a bit. I told her "no, I'm taking them home. If something is wacky with their bloodwork, we'll do this, but if not, we're not worrying about it." I brought the specimen cups home with me in case we need to do them, but I decided that we all had enough waiting and I needed to get Little E to school and Josiah needed his meds. Just walking to the car was a process. He wanted to bolt out into the parking lot, he was trying to run down the halls, he was yelling at everyone. And of course when I was trying to redirect him, he was trying to throw his fits. He is a happy little guy and I'm glad of that, but he is a handful and a half when he's not on his meds. I wound up having to carry him out to the car so he wouldn't try running off on me. We got Little E to school and on the way out, both him and Baby T were throwing fits because they couldn't go to school too. One lady that was walking out with me looked at me and said "you have SO much patience, I would have lost it by now." I just smiled and said thank you. We got home and I got Baby T down for a nap and Josiah got his meds and he is still one very high-strung little boy. I have to wake up Baby T shortly so we can go get the girls from school and then I have conferences for Deidra. I'm hoping that the littles will cooperate while we are up there.

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