Sunday, September 13, 2009


We had meet-the-teacher day at our church for our Sunday school program today. The littles got to meet their teachers and I went and met our students with Mom. We met a lady that her son is going to be in our class and she volunteered to translate for us since she could speak spanish if needed. Anyway, we got to talking with her and what a very blessed lady. And she has a heart of gold. She talked to us for over an hour and Mom said that she could see Mother Teresa and St. Theresa all over here. She has been trying to help teen mom's with their babies and she said that she really has a heart for children. She said that she never should have gotten married...she said that she realized her true vocation too late and now her obligations are with her husband and her children, but she was trying to help in little acts wherever she could with what she feels that she truly wants to do with her life. She wants to talk to me about fostering and adopting and she told us about some work that she did in El Paso with some very troubled students that the teachers referred to as "garbage kids that would never amount to anything." She got them all to graduate. She was truly an inspiration and it was good to talk with her. So, I lift Martha up to you, dear Lord, and bless her. What a beautiful person with a true heart for You!

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