Friday, September 04, 2009

What a relaxing Friday...

I took Deidra to school, Josiah and Baby T went to Mother's Day Out from 9-2, and then Little E went to pre-k this afternoon. I asked a friend if I could come over for a couple of hours while Little E was at school. It was nice just to chat and color with her little ones and I got to hold her baby. Her girls are so sweet! The pizza we had for lunch was yummy too. :-) Went and got the kids from school and fed them their after school snack (applesauce and milk) and then did some listening exercises and read a story. I got a book from a teaching store that teaches social skills for little ones. I explained at the beginning of the week that we were going to do some listening exercises and that anytime they followed directions on the first time given and used their listening ears I would let them pick a candy or a reward strip out of the jar. I've been able to give one reward all this week. They just don't stop and think and everything is so impulsive. Today, I gave them each three chances to earn a reward during story time and it was only because they each had two warnings and were about to lose their reward that they finally stopped and listened and were able to earn their reward. Then all chaos hit when my Dad called. I don't know what it is but they all just fall apart when I'm on the phone or the doorbell rings. Little E is wild after school anyway...she's loud and into everything and I'm constantly having to redirect her or put her in time out. Finally, I had to send her to her room as I just couldn't tolerate all the loudness and she thinks it is hilarious of course. Her behavioral assessment is coming up on Wednesday and I'm really hoping that it will bring us some peace and some extra reinforcement. I just really don't know how to get through to her when she just laughs about discipline. Anyway, they are back to playing nicely and quietly again and I think I'm going to make Deidra's request for dinner...spaghetti and corn and some garlic breadsticks. Once they go to bed, I would like to sit and talk to the hubby. I miss him. He's planning on brewing all day tomorrow (what fun! house is going to stink like hops). But shhhh...don't tell him that I said that. I guess if you like beer it smells good, but I'm not a fan of beer...I'll take wine anyday...but forget beer.

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