Monday, September 21, 2009

The kids were so good at the dentist...

The kids are all having a good day, I pray that it stays that way while Little E is at school. (I have to go have a conference with Little E's teacher tomorrow concerning behaviors).

But, I told them all what I expected of them before we went into the dentist's office. We went in and when Little E got called back, she got a bit scared and wanted me with her. So, we all wound up back there. They brought the kid's each their own chair to sit in and Little E eventually calmed down. She let him check her teeth and she got a bit scared when he was going to try to clean them for the first time ever. She eventually warmed up to the idea and she let him do it. The only hard part was that she started gagging when he gave her the fluoride treatment. She did really good though and Josiah and Baby T sat really well while Little E was getting her teeth cleaned.

Then, when Baby T realized it was her turn she really started crying and carrying on. She finally settled down when I sat in the dental chair with her. Josiah saw that as an opportunity to start getting into stuff. I finally got him to sit and wait and then the assistant asked me if she could take them to play with the toys while I finished up with Baby T. She wasn't going to cooperate for anything more than a visual check, so he said next time he'd try to clean her teeth too. He gave me a free french fry coupon for each kid for doing so well. They were all excited! I told them all how proud I was of each of them for behaving so well.

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