Monday, October 19, 2009

Found out the reason I've been feeling like I have been...

Well, after riding in the car yesterday with cramps and feeling queesy when I didn't eat at regular intervals, headaches, and having a sore chest, I decided to test this morning. I was in total shock when 2 lines appeared! I immediately ran and got Andy who was in the process of waking up Deidra. I told him I needed to talk to him right then. I dragged him into our bedroom and told him (while showing him the test) that we were going to have a baby. We were both in shock and smiling away at each other.

I took Deidra to school and then I had to take Josiah into the hospital for a blood test. We got that all done and when we went to leave, I decided that since my ob/gyn is right there that I'd walk over and see if I could confirm the pregnancy and make my first appt. I have an appt with the doctor for next week. I put my last menstrual period down and they say I'm almost 12 weeks already. However, I'm wondering if I'm really that far along and if I could have just skipped a cycle one month and then got pregnant the next. I asked them what they normally do to give you an accurate due date and she said that it really depends on the doctor and what the patient wants to do. I'm SO excited!! After all this time, Andy and I had really given up hope that it would ever happen again.

I went and told my Mom and she almost started crying and just hugged me. She's really excited. I came home and we told Andy's Dad and he is really happy for us. I told my girlfriend when she called as I couldn't keep it in any longer. I texted my brothers. I told my Dad this afternoon and I thought for sure that he wouldn't really be all that happy about it and I was really surprised to find out how happy he really was about it. He even called my Mom at work to tell her how ecstatic he was at being a Grandpa again. That shocked me! We told Deidra after school and at first all she said was "yeah, right." She totally didn't believe us. Once she realized that we were telling her the truth, she was a VERY HAPPY big sister and was all smiles. She thought it was SO cool! She wants to know if it's a boy or a girl already. lol. Andy's going to call his Mom tonight.

Anyway, we are all one very happy and blessed family. We never expected this yet we feel so very happy and blessed with this news!

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