Sunday, October 25, 2009

Went to church this morning...

Crammed myself into my jeans....the jeans that were too big a couple of weeks ago are now very snug. I was very uncomfortable at church and couldn't wait to get home and get back into my other pants. I think once I have my first ob appt and am able to find out that baby is ok and when I am due for sure, I am going to take myself shopping for some maternity clothes.

I had woken up this morning worrying about everything, I keep feeling like I'm dreaming and that when I go back to the doctor on Thursday they're going to tell me that I'm not pregnant. At mass today, I prayed and gave my worries to God about losing this baby and asked Him to keep me and baby safe and to help me quit worrying about everything. I offered up my Communion today in thanksgiving of this baby. When I got up to leave, a voice told me "go ask Father to bless your pregnancy and quit worrying." I went up very shyly with Josiah and told Father that we had just found out that we were expecting and I wanted to know if he could bless our baby. He was very happy to do so. He asked God to bless me and my son. At first I thought he was blessing Josiah as I had him with me, but then he blessed my stomach. A sign? I found it interesting as my Dad is convinced that this baby is a boy. Everytime he asks how I am he will ask me "how's my grandson doing?" It'll be interesting to find out what we are having. All I know is that I already feel huge. I'm feeling pretty well...I just have moments where I get very tired and the nausea hits out of the blue. Very different nausea than what I had when I was pregnant with Deidra. With Deidra, I was sick constantly. With this one, while I do have moments where I'm nauseated for other times it just comes on suddenly and I run to barf in the bathroom or the closest place that I can. The thing that I'm experiencing with this one that I really didn't have that much with Deidra is gas and heartburn. And of course, every time I turn around it seems like I'm running to pee. My chest hasn't been so sore the last couple of days either. I just continue to feel very blessed that God has blessed us with this baby, but yet at times I still feel like I'm dreaming.

I was sad to learn that our church kitty, Joseph, passed away. I held him last week and he just purred away. He was always one of the highlights around the church. He'd climb into the windows and come sit in the pews or follow Father down to the altar or race Father over to the church. He would always let Father win the race. He sat with Deidra in one of the pews once when we had gone in to pray for a few minutes. They called him the cat lic kitty. Everybody always loved on him before and after the masses and he would always know when the masses let out and he'd come out where everybody could find him. He will be missed! I cried when I read his memorial and I told my Mom it was the wrong thing to show the sensitive pregnant lady. He was a sweet kitty.

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