Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My House


1.)) When you walk in your front door, which room do you enter?
the play room

2.)) Do you have a dishwasher?

3.)) Is your living room carpeted or does it have hardwood floors?

4.)) Do you keep your kitchen knives on the counter or in a drawer?

5.)) House, apartment, duplex or trailer?

6.)) How many bedrooms is it?

7.)) Gas stove or electric?

8.)) Do you have a yard?

9.)) What size TV is in the living room?
I think it's either a 36" or a 42"...I don't really know.

10.)) Are your plates in the same cupboard as your cups?

11.)) Is there a coffee maker sitting on your kitchen counter?

12.)) What color is your home painted??
The outside is brick...the inside walls are painted a vanilla color.

13.)) What room is your computer in?
Mine is downstairs by the stair rail. Andy's is upstairs in our sitting room in the master suite.

14.)) Are there pictures hanging in your living room?
Not yet.

15.)) Are there any themes found in your home??
Not yet. Just frogs in the kids' bathroom. I have grape dishes in the kitchen.

16.)) What kind of laundry detergent do you use??

17.)) Do you use dryer sheets??
No, we use Suavitel liquid softener.

18.)) Do you have any curtains in your home??
Not yet.

19.)) What color is your fridge??

20.)) Is your house clean??

21.)) What room is the most neglected??
they all are right now...they're all clean, but everything still needs to be unpacked.

22.)) Are the dishes in your sink/dishwasher clean or dirty??
There are dirty ones in the sink waiting for the dishwasher to finish a load that it's cleaning right now.

23.)) How long have you lived in your home?
2 weeks.

24.)) Where did you live before??
In a rental house.

25.)) Do you have one of those fluffy toilet lid covers on your toilet??

26.)) Do you have a scale anywhere in your home??
Yes...it's currently out in the garage waiting for us to unpack it. Then, it will be going in our master bathroom.

27.)) How many mirrors are in your house??

28.)) Look up. What do you see?
the thermostat

29.)) Do you have a garage??
Yes, we have a 2 car garage.

30.)) Are you planning on moving anytime soon?
Nope. We don't plan on moving from here...we built our dream house and we are happy!



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