Tuesday, October 30, 2007

People really make me mad...

Deidra's cheerleading team did a candle fundraiser. I've never seen any candles like these and I just fell in love with them. Well, around that time we found out that Baby J's mom was maybe interested in putting him up for adoption and I knew that we'd need money for the lawyer when that time came. I asked the lady if she'd let me do monthly fundraisers through her and that I was going to register a tax id number and all that as I was really interested in doing craft fairs around here with my gourmet items and the candles as a way to set aside money for the adoption. Well, she was really great to work with and friendly and I really liked her. Well, around the time that we moved, I put the candles up on ebay in my store as I was so busy packing and taking care of the kids, I really didn't have much time to devote to selling them and figured I'd let Ebay do it for me. I sold a few and picked them up from her house. A couple weeks later, she emails me telling me that she sells on ebay under that name and so I took my items down (she had previously given me the ok to sell them online). Anyway, I emailed her today asking her what Christmas candles she had in stock as I had a few orders that I was going to place. She wrote me back saying that she had agreed to the fundraiser due to us wanting to fundraise for adoption and that in our auctions online it had said that our mission was to get out of debt. She felt that I had been dishonest with her. I copy and paste all of our auction terms that Andy was so nice to write up in html for me to use and I had completely forgotten that our auction mission was even posted on there or I would have changed it. Anyway, she's upset that I mislead her even though I wasn't and it was a total slip up on my part with not even realizing that it even said that on there. I wrote her back and she said that now if we're going to continue to do business together that she wants me to give her an additional 50 cents per candle to cover the taxes as when she said she'd pay the sales tax on the candle that was under the assumption that it was for adoption and she wanted to help us out. I got upset with her accusing me of lying, when I had totally even forgot that was even in there and I told her that I wasn't lying...it was an oversight on my part. Most of our ebay auctions are to get us out of debt, but we do have some adoption related items as well that those proceeds go directly into our adoption envelope so that we're set when we do get to adopt and we have money to retain the lawyer and all. Anyway, I've spent all morning and afternoon in tears over this and now I'm making sure that all of our auction items and store items on ebay have the correct mission statement info on there. It's not even necessary that we put it in there...I just like it serving as a reminder of why we're doing this. UGH

Anyway, I've already found her distributor's website and the wholesale information. I purchased the candles that I needed directly from the person who makes them and I'm going to work on getting my business registered and getting my sales tax id and go directly through the distributor instead of going through the lady here in town. Oh well...that will teach me to pay attention to detail and to slow down I guess.



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