Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Started Christmas Shopping...

We sat down the other night and put our list together of all who we were buying for and how much we were going to spend on each person. The people that we have to mail their gifts to are all getting similar items...however we had to sit down and decide what we were going to do this year. I ordered the first half yesterday and the 2nd half today of the gifts that we have to send out. Then, I just have to start shopping for the gifts of the people that we'll be spending Christmas with this year. I'm so excited to have a houseful of kids this year...I really am one blessed mama. Thank you, Abba, for blessing us this year with a house full of children.

The only other thing that I have to do is find Christmas outfits for the kids so that I can start my photography sessions for the Christmas cards. :-)It feels good though to be able to start shopping!

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