Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Praying for my parents...

Lord, I lift my parents up to you. You know each of their hearts, their hurts, their wants, and their fears. Dad desperately wants to come back, but he knows that he has to make himself right with You first. Mom is scared that she's going to face the same hurts if she lets him come back a little while down the road. She asked me this weekend if she thought his heart had changed. I desperately want to believe that it has and I see him doing things that I've never seen him do before that make me believe that he's really trying to set the right foot forward. I understand her fears as well though. I was doing my Love Dare today and it just came over me to share with my Dad about The Love Dare and ask him if he had a copy. He said he recently got one and was thinking about doing it on Mom, but he would need to be creative since he's in the truck all the time. He didn't know what to do for some steps...I told him to pray to You and You would lead him to what he's supposed to do. They are both scared, but I think if he just gives her more time and is patient and keeps showing her that he is trying to put the best foot forward that he has a real chance. However, I know that's not my decision to really make either. I lift them both up to you, Lord, and I pray that you can open their eyes to truly see one another and their intentions for one another. I pray for their relationship, Lord. I pray that you will restore it and that they can have a Godly marriage together.

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