Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Melina is a climber now!

My little Miss Monkeypants is a climber now. Yesterday, she learned how to get up in all of the chairs (other than just Grammy's rocking chair). She climbs up on everything now. Let the adventures begin!

She is such a little helper now...she helps take things out of the dryer and hands them to me to fold, she helps unload the dishwasher, she will take the wet clothes and put them into the dryer, and she helps to wipe down her high chair. She loves to help and is right there by my side throughout most of the day. Such a sweetheart. She finally learned how to give kisses with her mouth closed too and she'll lean in and put her lips on yours to give kisses. She's such a little lovey baby when she wants to be. She likes to shake her head "no" when she doesn't want to do something too. She's getting better at using her fork and spoon when she's eating too. Such a little sponge. She says hi, thank you, kitty, doggy, up, and please, and uh-oh now. She chatters up a storm all day long!